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Frequently asked questions

What is Minnesota's Enterprise Lean?

Enterprise Lean is a coordinated state government initiative for improving organizational performance and results in Minnesota's state government agencies. Using time-tested process management principles and methods found in the Lean approach, while also embracing Six Sigma tools and total quality management philosophies, Enterprise Lean has a simple goal of helping state government work better for its customers and employees.

Why does it work?

Nearly every tangible output, service and product is the result of a process, or series of processes, contained within a system. By focusing on refining and improving processes to wring out waste, eliminate redundancies, add value and measure results, we can ensure the best opportunities for each government entity to reach it fullest level of organizational performance.

How does it work?

Lean provides a set of tools to help supervisors and workers analyze, create and maintain processes that are clean, value-laden and sustainable. Six Sigma tools help ensure that these processes produce products and services that are consistent and defect-free. Total quality management tools bring the expectations of the customer into the process improvement arena.

Where can I learn more?

The Enterprise Lean website is a repository of information on the approaches, goals, plans and achievements in state government. The Lean office also distributes updates and information via email and through its E-Lean Update newsletter.

How can I start a Lean improvement effort?

Contact Tom Baumann, Continuous Improvement Program Leader, at Tom.baumann@state.mn.us.