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5S Photo Gallery

Step 1: Sort - when in doubt, move it out

Cluttered office

A cluttered office is in need of sorting plus removal of unneccesary items.

Unneeded items are red tagged for removal

Red tagged items are moved to an area for pick up by Surplus Services.

Step 2: Shine - the best cleaning is to not need cleaning

After sorting and oraganizing her office Mariane cleans her desk area.

After organizing and decluttering her office Marianne dusts and cleans her desk.

This office truly shines

This office truly shines and wins the "Mr. Clean Award".

Step 3: Set in Order - a place for everything and everything
in its place

Printer paper is stored on shelves above the printers

Printer paper is stored directly above the office printers at the point-of-use.

Office supplies are neatly organized in a drawer.

Office supplies are neatly organized in a drawer.

Step 4: Standardize - see and recognize what needs
to be done

Labeled and color coded file make it easy to locate files in a cabinet.

Labeled and color coded files make it easy to quickly locate files in a cabinet.

A map of the files posted in the area makes files easy to find.

Locate maps of files in the area so that anyone can locate files at a glance.

Step 5: Sustain - the less self-discipline you need, the better

The 5S circle illustrates the commitment required for sustaining a highly efficient workspace.