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Governor's Continuous Improvement Leadership Conference

Continuous Improvement Leadership Conference

September 14, 2011

Part I – Importance of Continuous Improvement

Welcome and Introductions, Cyndi Rowley (Revenue), Spencer Cronk (Admin)

Primer and Progress Report on Current Continuous Improvement Efforts, Tom Baumann (Admin)

Discussion / Agency Assessment

Vision for Improving State Government, Governor Dayton

The Role of Senior Leadership in Continuous Improvement, Neal Simon, John Church, Denise Holliman (General Mills)               


Part II – Continuous Improvement in Practice

Creating a More Efficient Staffing Schedule, David Crist (Corrections) 

Cost Savings Through Fleet Management, Cathy Moeger (MPCA)

Printing Process Improvements, Paul Christiansen and Charlie Hoffman (DHS)


Part III – Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Supporting and Sustaining Agency Efforts, Cristine Leavitt (DEED) 

Discussion / Agency Commitments, Robin Gaustad (Veterans Affairs)

Closing and Next Steps, Tina Smith, Chief of Staff (Office of the Governor)