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Lean by the numbers

Lean is all about change - change for the better. Each week, state agencies are improving their operations by tapping into the knowledge of the employees who work in the process. Much of the success of Lean Kaizen events is attributable to the teams of employees that are energized and motivated by the realization that they are in control of improving their work. The results below show the increasing involvement from Minnesota state employees.

Bar chart showing Lean 101 participants, trained Kaizen facilitators and Kaizen team participants

The improvements made with Lean tools have streamlined government processes by reducing waste and enhancing value-laden activities. An increase in the efficiency and quality of services is complemented by a significant reduction in process time.

Chart showing Kaizen events by year: 19 in 2008, 80 in 2009, 137 in 2010, 227 in 2011 and 284 in 2012

Chart of Kaizen and 5S events by agency