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Kaizen Facilitator Training

Lean Kaizen Facilitators in training

Lean Kaizen Facilitator trainees work on group exercises.

Facilitator trainees practice

Lean Kaizen Facilitator trainees practice facilitation skills.

Trainees learn the importance of collaboration

Lean Kaizen Facilitator trainees learn the importance of collaboration in problem solving.

Helicoptor Training Exercise

The pictures below document part of the helicopter exercise that was used in Lean Facilitator Training. Each participant was given the same instructions, but allowed to use different materials to build  helicopters in their own way. The flight time of each helicopter was then recorded and compared against its construction time. The materials and methods used to build the helicopters with the longest flight times and shortest construction times represent the best way to build a helicopter. This exercise was used to show the importance of standard work in achieving the highest quality product in the most timely and efficient manner. Kaizen Facilitator trainees work on group exercises.

Testing the paper helicopters, step 1

Checking the first helicopter for specifications.

Dropping the first helicopter

The first paper helicopter is launched from the balcony.

The first paper helicopter in flight

The first paper helicopter is captured in flight.

All the helicopters have flown

All the helicopters have been launched and their flight times recorded.

Charting the flight times

The individual helicopter's flight times are charted to determine which performed best.