LEAN Online

Getting started

Strategic Direction Workshop Overview

The Strategic Direction Workshop is the first step in any Lean journey. This one-page summary is an overview of the workshop, including knowledge participants can expect to gain. It will also help answer the questions of who should attend and why.

Kaizen Event Overview

Learn about this four-day rapid improvement event and the teamwork that eliminating waste and improving targeted processes demands. Event topics include defining a target area, scope and goals; mapping existing processes; and implementing solutions.

Kaizen Event Team Member Roles

Assembling an effective improvement team and setting clear expectations are critical elements for a successful Kaizen event. This summary describes the composition of a typical Kaizen team and provides tips for choosing the right employee for each role.

Lean in Government Starter Kit

The Lean in Government Starter Kit, developed through a collaboration of several states and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is designed to assist government agencies in effectively beginning a Lean journey. The kit offers practical techniques and strategies for federal and state agencies interested in implementing Lean process improvement methods.