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Kaizen preparation

A3 Problem Solving Template (NEW)
A3 Project Charter Template (NEW)
Introduction to A3 Problem Solving (NEW)
Communicating Lean transformation
Kaizen events overview (link to Karen Martin article starting on page 6)
Kaizen events overview webinar(link to Karen Martin & Associates)
Selecting a Kaizen event  
Kaizen Decision Logic from Manufacturers Alliance
How to Scope a Lean Event(link to Guidon's presentation on Slideshare.net)
Kaizen event action and communication plan
10 Rules of Lean
Pre-event meeting agenda
Pre-event meeting checklist
Pre-event meeting at work site
Kaizen team charter template
Kaizen team member roles
Kaizen event checklist
Kaizen event toolkit
Kaizen event agenda
Kaizen event report-out template (suggested slides for report out, updated with new design)
Action plan tracking 
Minnesota State Industries(to special order rolls of swim lane paper)
Facilitation guides for quality improvement(link to NHS Institute)
Top Ten Tips for rapid improvement (kaizen) events(link to NHS Institute)
Lean Government Event Scoping Guide (link to EPA site)
Lean in Government Starter Kit (link to State of Oregon site)
Facilitation Guides(link to NHS Institute)


Lean Overview Packet for Project Facilitators

The Seven Wastes
Swim Lane Mapping
The Perfect Transaction
Standard Work
2P (Process Preparation)


Bookworm activity   
Standard pig activity directions, Standard pig grid, Standard pig PowerPoint slides  
Paperwork simulation exercise, Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5
Time/task observation form


Swim Lane Mapping Example Exercise: Before Video, After Video
DHS TSS Testing Kaizen, April 2011
: Part One, Part Two, Part Three (Windows Media video)
DEED VRS Kaizen, June 2010 (Windows Media video)
The Deep Dive part 1, Nightline(link to Youtube.com)

Contacts for facilitator collaboration

Kaizen facilitator training participants
Lean 101 participants

Training Booklets

Lean 101 booklet
Kaizen Facilitator booklet