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Training Opportunities

For a schedule of upcoming training sessions, visit the Calendar page. To view event details and register visit www.mnlean.eventbrite.com.

There is no cost for public sector employees to attend these trainings.

Registration for available dates, if any, or waitlists can be found at the Lean Evenbrite page.

Lean 101
Check Eventbrite for exact dates, times and locations.

Lean is a philosophy, methodology and set of tools for enhancing customer value by eliminating waste from a process. Lean 101 is a half day training session that introduces public sector employees to the Lean philosophy, methodology, tools and terminology. Participants learn the basic components of Lean, including:

  • Origin and benefits of Lean
  • 7 wastes
  • 5S
  • Kaizen (rapid improvement events)
  • Standard work
  • 5 Whys
  • Visual management
  • How to apply Lean in your workplace

NOTE: No prerequisites for this course.

Kaizen Facilitator Training
Check Eventbrite for exact dates, times and locations.

Kaizen is a Japanese term that translates to "change for the better" and is sometimes paraphrased as continuous improvement. As an event, a Kaizen represents a focused effort by a team to apply Lean principles and methodology to make quick but meaningful improvements to a defined area of a process. Kaizen events can be scheduled for less than one day to as long as five days. Kaizen Facilitator training is a two-day course that teaches public sector employees how to plan and conduct a rapid process improvement event. Through instruction, discussion and simulations, participants will learn:

  • Facilitation benefits, skills and tips
  • Importance of Kaizen in a Lean transformation
  • How to plan a successful Kaizen event
  • Roles and responsibilities of the facilitator, sponsor, team leader and team members
  • Steps for conducting each day of a multi-day kaizen event
  • How to lead a swim lane mapping exercise
  • How to support and sustain kaizen improvements


  • Lean 101 or approved equivalent
  • Supervisor approval to attend
  • Facilitation experience or training
  • Have a process improvement project planned for the near future (3-9 months) and be prepared to discuss the project at the training

NOTE: This course is intended for people who will facilitate or co-facilitate a Lean or Kaizen project and is not intended for people who are interested in sponsoring a Kaizen event or participating on a Kaizen team.

Leading and Supporting Continuous Improvement Projects
Check Eventbrite for exact dates, times and locations.

If you plan to sponsor an improvement project, lead a project team or serve on a kaizen team, this one-day course is for you! This course will build your capacity to achieve project results by teaching you the methodology, conditions, and tools that lead to project success. Components of this training include:

  • Conditions for project success
  • Reasons projects fail
  • Project types, methodologies, and tools
  • Project roles and responsibilities
  • Tools for achieving project results


  • Lean 101 or approved equivalent

NOTE: This course is intended for project sponsors, kaizen team leaders, project managers, and staff who may participate on a kaizen project team. If you are interested in facilitating an improvement project or kaizen event, please register for Kaizen Facilitator Training - not this training.

Effective Problem Solving
Check Eventbrite for exact dates, times and locations.

Effective Problem Solving is a half-day training session that teaches participants a non-blaming method and set of tools to identify and solve small to large scale process problems at their source. Components covered include:

  • Recognizing process problems
  • Identifying and using the right tool to uncover the root causes of a problem
  • Brainstorming solutions
  • Prioritizing solutions
  • Developing an implementation plan
  • Monitoring and sustaining results

NOTE: No prerequisites for this course.

On-Demand Training Courses

Do you have a training need not met by our standard training options? Various other training courses are available by request. Our team can come to your office to provide training programs geared specifically to your needs.

Past examples of this type of training have included sessions on process mapping, SIPOC diagrams, the Workout Method, Supporting CI as a Senior Leader, Building a Culture of Excellence and more. If you would like to explore on-demand training for your office, contact us to discuss these options with our team.